How Tall Should My Iron Gate Be?

11 November 2015
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11 November 2015, Comments: 0

Iron is considered one of the most resilient materials when it comes to gates and fencing. If you are looking to install an iron gate in your backyard, think about what you want out of the gate. Some people want a smaller gate for low security and decoration and others want a nice, tall iron gate in order to keep out unwanted strangers.

Gates That Are Small

Many human beings are over four feet, so it will probably be hard for a four foot gate to keep unwanted strangers out. If you are looking to keep dogs and other small animals out, then a four foot gate would not be a bad idea. Small gates are also good to put in gardens for protecting plants and crops from small animals.

Medium Size Gates

Gates that are five feet to six feet tall are good for keeping children and larger animals out. Deer will easily jump over a smaller gate, but it’s very hard for them to get over a gate that is five or six feet tall. They are good for stumping burglars who aren’t good at climbing, as well. In wet weather, the gate will be too slippery for anyone to climb over.

Large Sized Gates

Gates over six feet in size are ideal if you want maximum security. They will keep almost all types of people out if they can’t climb. An iron gate with poles will make it pretty impossible for anyone to climb over, as well. A large sized gate should keep animals of all sizes out.

What Are the Price Differences?

Obviously, the larger the gate is, the more it is going to cost. The price varies depending on what company you buy them from, but iron gates in general range from about four hundred to fifteen hundred dollars. Pick the type of gate that is cost efficient to you, but make sure it offers the level of security that you’re most comfortable with.

Customizable Gates

If you are running a haunted house or you are trying to pick a gate to use for a historic building that requires a gothic touch of some sort, then you might consider getting a tall, customized gate. These gates can be ordered to suit your exact needs, but they aren’t cheap. Depending on the type of welding you need done to your material, the gate can cost as much as five thousand dollars if not more.

Take all of this into consideration when picking the size of the iron gate that you need. Try not to pick a gate that is taller than you need it to be because it will cost more and you won’t need it. When you’re really in doubt, though, definitely pick a larger gate because it will be easier to cut off pieces of the gate than to extend a smaller, already customized gate. Whether you are using the gate as decoration or you seriously want to keep animals and people out, your decision should first and foremost take price and security into consideration.

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