Powder Coating Installation and Maintenance

Process of Powder Coating Installation

When you are considering investing in a powder coating solution for your car, motorcycle or other consumer product it is important that you understand what goes into the application, installation and maintenance of the product with Virginia Iron Gates, Railings & Welding.

As the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area’s leader in powder coating our facility is equipped with the best machinery and technique to make your project a success. Application area walls are made of a non-conductive plastic material and the lower part of the application cabin is shaped in a V and has a collection channel that is connected to a suction device to rid the area of excess material once the powder has been heated. This procedure also allows for easy installation and quick color conversion, while eliminating unused or unneeded colored powder.

Only one coat of powder coating is needed during this process and no solvent is required to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid form. The powder is applied electrostatically and cured in such a way that is becomes a “skin” to the product that is being treated. The powder is sprayed using an electrostatic gun, traditionally called a corona gun.

Maintenance of a product that has been powder coated is easy, usually using a wet rag or a sponge to remove dirt, oil, grease or dust.

While there are many services that say you can powder coat without the assistance of a professional, Virginia Iron Gates, Railings & Welding encourages you to work with a certified and licensed individual or company who has experience and can ensure high quality delivery.

If you are looking for more information on how powder coating with Virginia Iron Gates, Railings & Welding can assist you with your powder coating project, contact us today. We are the Northern Virginia powder coating professionals your project needs. Contact us today for more information!

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