Powder Coating Preparation

Powder Coating Process in Fairfax Virginia

Powder Coating Process in Fairfax Virginia

Steps of Powder Coating

If you are thinking about how powder coating could benefit your car, motorcycle or other consumer good product and want to learn about what actually goes into the preparation for this procedure, Virginia Iron Gates, Railings & Welding has the answers for you. We are the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area’s premier leader in powder coating and are happy to be a resource to you when considering your project.

In order to prep your product for powder coating it is necessary to remove all oil, soil, grease, metal oxide, welding scales, or any other material from the surface. This can be done through the use of chemical or mechanical methods and depends on the material that is to be coated, or the performance requirement of the product itself.

Typically chemical pre-treatment include phosphates or chromates and are used in a submersion or spray. There are usually multiple stages or treatments to this process and it is recommended that this be done in a shop equipped to deal with the handling of chemicals and by professionals who understand proper disposal methods.

Another way to prep the surface is through sandblasting or shop blasting. This prepares the surface for texture requirements of powder coating.

It is important to note that different types of powder coating require different preparation methods. Virginia Iron Gates, Railings & Welding is your source for all powder coating needs. We are licensed and trained professionals and can ensure proper delivery of your product, all the way from planning to completion. Contact us today for more information about powder coating and how it can complement your project!


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