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Are There Advantages to Aluminum Fences?

When people think about metal fences, the first thing they generally think about is wrought iron. Wrought iron is, in fact, one of the most attractive materials used in fencing and, where having an historical aesthetic is concerned, it’s really quite hard to beat. Aluminum fences, however, have some very real advantages to them that people installing fences may want to give great consideration. In fact, upon hearing all of them, some people may decide that going with aluminum fences is just better all around.


Wrought iron can certainly be a beautiful material. It has a distinctive black color to it that makes it elegant, refined and stately. It also has a propensity to rust very quickly. When you take a look at the weather that you’ll find in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland, you’ll quickly find that it is conducive to rust. Everybody who lives in this area has trouble with it on their cars and, where wrought iron fencing is concerned, the situation will be no different.

Aluminum fences do not rust. While rust doesn’t really destroy a wrought iron material, it does take a great deal of maintenance to get the rust off of the fence. This isn’t even an issue with aluminum fences. Aluminum fences, in fact, would likely stand for thousands of years before falling apart.

They’re Secure

One of the really appealing elements of wrought iron fencing is the fact that it is very secure. Nobody in their right mind wants to try to climb over a series of wrought iron pickets. Aluminum fences actually have the same features, if desired. The pickets on an aluminum fence are every bit as effective as the pickets on an iron fence and they provide an additional degree of security that is extremely hard for people to pass up.

They’re More Affordable

Simply because you own a large home in a location like Ashburn, VA doesn’t mean that you have money to burn. Wrought iron fences are beautiful, there’s no way around that, but they are also very expensive. When you add in the cost of keeping the rust away, you can see very quickly that wrought iron fencing is something that requires a budget.

Aluminum fences are much more affordable than wrought iron fences. This makes them great options for people who have larger yards that they want to fence in. While wrought iron may be an excellent option for a small front yard that only needs a fence separating it from a sidewalk, anybody who has and is stay type property may want to consider installing aluminum fences so that they don’t have to deal with the hassle of maintaining an extremely large wrought iron fence or the expense of having it put up.

For some people, only wrought iron will do. If you are interested in getting a very attractive and stately fence installed, however, consider aluminum as an option. What it could do for your home may very well surprise you and the cost savings could make you very happy.

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